Georgia Tech Transportation Data Visualization Hackathon
Sponsored by TRELIS 

Saturday, November 11, 2019
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 Source NameExample TopicsGranularitySource
Texas A&M Urban Mobility InformationGas prices, congestion costs, VMT Temporal 30+ years, Metro Area 
National Census of Ferry Operators  (NCFO)Ferries, operators, vessel type, segments2006+, various spatial points 
Federal Reserve Economic Data (US)Flights, rail passengers, pipeline movement, public transit ridership, etc.Temporal only
U.S. DOT Border Crossing Entry DataUS Canada border crossing, trucks, personal vehicles, buses, pedestriansBy port name, temporal, modal
Bureau of Transportation Statistics RepositoryAviation, rail, roads, transit, safety, energy, infrastructure, passengersGeospatial, various
Microsoft Research Geolife GPS Trajectory Dataset 178 users from 4/2007 to 10/2011.GPS trajectories
New York City Taxi and Limousine  CommissionTaxi and limo trips in NYC, fares, tip, tolls, distance, etc.GPS trajectories
LEHD Origin-Destination Employment  Statistics (LODES) DataCommutersOrigin-Destination (OD) at the block level
Uber Data: Click on ProductsTravel times, travel speedsNeighborhood Admin Units, International
10 United Nations Global Data: Click on  TransportTraffic, safety, rail, waterways, oil pipeline, infrastructureCountries
11 Bikeshare: Choose a Metro Area: Click Select a CityDuration of ride, stop and start, gender, year of birth, Lyft, etc.Origin-Destination (OD) at the bike station level.
12 Lyft autonomous vehicle inputsRaw sensor camera and LiDAR inputsGeographic bounding box
13 World Bank: World Development IndicatorsInfrastructure and economic developmentCountry
14 Rideshare (Uber, Lyft, etc.) in ChicagoVehicles (make, year), trips (stop, start, time), drivers (no names)Various, zip, OD of Census Tracts
15 Federal Highway AdministrationNumber of trips, reason for traveling, travel location, demographicsVarious
1  Harvard Dataverse RepositoriesVariousVarious